Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Episcopal Church is "home"
How sweet it is to come home

It is so refreshing to read of someone's love for The Episcopal Church. Just read a wonderful blog post from Molly. Here's a part of what she has to say:
So I opened some mail I’d left on the counter yesterday and one of the envelopes had a birthday card in it from the Episcopal church we’ve been attending. It’s been six months now, give or take a few weeks, since we first visited that little building on a search to find a place to gather. It’s become “home.” I am not exactly sure why I love it so much, but I do. I definitely enjoy the liturgy, and so do all of my reading-aged children. Having grown up feeling sorry for people who had liturgical services, it’s kind of funny, really. There was a sweet note inside the card and I hung it on the fridge.
I also enjoy the people there. Mostly elderly, it’s a small group that very much feels like family, and they opened their arms wide to this mother of five children, even though her children are, well, totally children. That was what I really wanted in a church, more than anything. That sense of close community, of family—along with a service order that wasn’t going to set off my post-evangelical-traumatic stress syndrome.
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